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An Introduction

Norwich Pagan Sphere exists to raise the bar in Paganism. It seeks to encourage and promote the following.

The Sphere is a small, meritocratic group of serious Pagan magicians. Membership is by invitation only, to those whom the members feel would make useful contributions to the Sphere and its work. Meetings involve serious study and serious magical practice.

Norwich Pagan Sphere engages with the Pagan community and wider society by various means, including the following.

The sphere as a symbol represents the following.

Norwich Pagan Sphere seeks to be inclusive in its outlook. Its ritual practice is based upon Natural Magic, Traditional Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magic, but it recognises these forms as structures on which to build ritual space, not rigid boundaries. It honours the Lord and Lady of Norfolk, local manifestations of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, Flint and Chalk, Land and Sky. Again, the Sphere is not constrained by this; it is polytheistic and pantheistic. It also accepts ‘dual observance’, as there is no one, exclusive path to the Mysteries; Christian Saints in particular are honoured.

However, the Sphere’s work is founded upon the Grail and the Green Chapel – the spiritual heart of the place in which we dwell – inspired by the upwelling green energy of the Earth and the brilliant gold energy of the Sun. This is the fundamental polarity on which Earthly magic is based: Light and Dark, Being and Non-being, Fire and Ice… Here stands the primordial magician, shape-shifter, iconoclast and Fool: Merlin, Prometheus, Lucifer…

Into the Grail cauldron at the heart of the Green Chapel flow the streams of wisdom that have been brought, and are still being brought, by the great cultural influences on the Isles of the Wise. We work with these streams to make an integrated whole, so that newer streams can also find a welcome in this land. The ancient great streams are represented by the colours of Sovereignty.

And there is indeed a newer stream, a Blue stream brought across the oceans over the last half millennium from all those exotic lands across the world explored, colonised and exploited by Europeans - a stream of guilt and shame as much as joy and inspiration.

The Sphere acknowledges the heroes and heroines of this land, such as Boudica, Raedwald, Julian of Norwich and Robert Kett. We also acknowledge our magical ancestors, particularly Doreen Valiente, Robert Cochrane, Dion Fortune, Florence Farr, Moina Bergson Mathers, Maude Gonne, Annie Horniman and William Butler Yeats. Of those now living, we acknowledge our debt to such as Marian Green, Nigel Pennick, John and Caitlin Matthews, Gareth Knight, and Ronald Hutton.

The success of Norwich Pagan Sphere will be measured by its influence on standards within the Pagan community and by its influence on perceptions of the Pagan community in wider society. We dedicate our work, the outpouring of creative energies in intellectual, ritual, craft and artistic activities, to the greater good.

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